Nespresso Barista will turn you into a coffee pro

Proper coffee in an instant
26 July 2018 / 9:00BST

Like craft beer and artisan gin, fancy coffee has become something of a thing in recent years. That means the days of it being acceptable to shovel a teaspoon of Gold Blend into a mug and offer it to house visitors are long gone. If you don’t know your mocha from your macchiato, panic not - Nespresso has just announced a neat new gadget that’ll have you serving up proper coffee in no time. The Nespresso Barista is capable of preparing everything from a piping-hot latte to an ice-cool lungo - it’ll even do latte art if you’re feeling really extra. It works by hooking up to your phone via Bluetooth and downloading your favourite coffee recipes to its internal memory from the Nespresso app. You can swap these recipes in and out as you wish, and select the one you want to make using the Barista’s integrated touchscreen. You’ll need a separate Nespresso machine to prepare the raw coffee part (or any coffee machine that can make up an espresso, ultimately), but the Barista does the rest. Simply follow the recipe for your coffee of choice in the Nespresso app to have the Barista whip up the ingredients into something that’ll put your local Starbucks to shame. So much so, you could probably charge your pals for the privilege. It'll cost £179 and it's available from today.

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