The Morus Zero is an eco-friendly compact dryer that'll leave you in a spin

You spin me right round...
13 May 2019 / 11:52BST

We never thought we could get overly excited about a tumble dryer, but the other day we saw the Morus Zero ($549), and well, here we are. A minimalist compact tabletop dryer that's eco-friendly to boot, the Morus uses clever Vacuum+ dehydration technology to dry clothes in a jiffy while consuming less energy. A built-in UV steriliser also eliminates 99.9 percent of bacteria during the ultrafast drying time (which can take as little as 15 minutes) meaning they'll be free from any nasty bugs and germs when they come out of the other side. Crucially, low-temperature drying can also be used to protect your favourite clothes from shrinkage or damage, while the plug and go dryer even boasts a unique program that can help prevent wrinkles. 

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