Master Lock’s Biometric Padlock lets you stop worrying about misplacing keys

Just use your fingers
20 February 2020 / 18:23GMT

You no longer have to waste time entering a code to unlock your phone, and Master Lock doesn’t want you fiddling about with a key to get into your garden shed either. Its new Biometric Padlock is weatherproof and attack-resistant thanks to a double-lock and dual ball bearing locking mechanism, but its USP is a fingerprint reader. The padlock can store up to 10 different fingerprints, so everyone in the family will be able to gain access. During setup you allocate two primary users, and eight more additional users can be added after that. The obvious downside is that the lock is battery-powered, but it should last you a year and can be jump started with a 9v battery should it conk out on you. Grab one for £89 from today.

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