Google’s second-generation Nest Hub could help you sleep like a log

Google’s second-generation Nest Hub (£89.99) has been reimagined as something of a nocturnal know-it-all. Along with the expected upgrades like an improved speaker that offers 50 percent more bass and ‘Quick Gestures’ that deliver simple motion controls, the revamped smart display also includes a new ‘Sleep Sensing’ feature that’s been designed to help users understand and improve their sleeping patterns. Sleep Sensing analyses how the person closest to the display is sleeping based on their movement and breathing (those worried about privacy will be pleased to hear there’s no camera involved). It can also detect disturbances like snoring or light and temperature changes thanks to the Nest Hub’s built-in microphones and light and temperature sensors. All of that information is pulled together to deliver personalised sleep summaries, bedtime schedules, and snoozing pointers that could help revitalise your nighttime routine. Google reckons a solid sleeping regime is essential to thriving in all aspects of your life, and if that means we’re allowed to spend more time in bed, we’re inclined to agree. The second-generation Nest Hub is avaialble to pre-order right now.