The Google Nest Hub Max is a bigger Google Home Hub with a camera

Snap to it
07 May 2019 / 20:00BST

The original Google Home Hub was a great digital photo frame, and perfect for bringing up mac & cheese recipes when your hands were covered in flour. Its successor does both of things and more. A 10in display (up from 7in on the original) puts it in line with Amazon’s Echo Show and makes YouTube binging even more appealing, but even more significant is the addition of a camera. The integrated Nest Cam can recognise your face (if you let it) and automatically bring up notifications and content specific to you, and you can also use it in the same way as you would one of Nest’s security cameras, checking in the dog at lunchtime and receiving a ping when it detects motion. And while the Nest Hub Max is fully controllable with your voice, the camera lets you control it wizard-style by looking at the screen and waving your hand if you want to pause a podcast or video. Pick one up for £219 from July 15.

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