Dyson’s 360 Heurist is the smarter robo-vac that can map out your home and banish dirt

Super sucker
13 March 2020 / 16:45GMT

Five years in the making, the not-so-catchy named Dyson 360 Heurist has 20% more suction power than the Dyson 360 Eye and a much-improved memory. You might be thinking you don’t need your vac to remember your mother-in-laws birthday, but wouldn’t it be handy if it knew where to avoid obstacles and which were the appropriate bristles to enable depending on the texture of your floors? With 8 LEDs around the camera, it’ll even be able to get into the darkened places you can’t, like under the bed, and the sensors along the side of its body mean it can nestle right up to the wall to bust dust lurking in corners. Using the app, you can help guide the vac and select different modes depending on the task and then it’ll know the drill from there on out – plus, you can control it from anywhere, so you can set it to work before you even get home. There are 3 different power modes and it'll last 90 minutes in quiet mode and a swift 20 minutes on max power. It’ll set you back £800 to have the smartest vac as your new housemate, but those finer particles won’t have anywhere to hide as the 6,947 stiff nylon bristles come steam-rolling towards them.

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