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Skullcandy Grind Haze are spliffingly green wireless in-ears

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Skullcandy Grind Haze hot stuff

When Skullcandy said it had a month-appropriate special edition pair of true wireless earphones on the way, we half expected rabbit ears, or an egg-shaped charging case. Maybe they’d be made of chocolate. Except the American audio bods weren’t thinking about easter, were they? The Skullcandy Grind Haze (£70 from Skullcandy) are instead out to mark the – literally – highest of holidays.

4/20 doesn’t carry a whole lot of weight outside of the US, but in states where the green stuff isn’t outlawed, it’s the equivalent of Black Friday sales for legal dispensaries. The Grind Haze ‘buds would look right at home in such an establishment, with a distinctive green colour scheme and wrapped in sage green fabric. Purple and orange accents then tip the hat to the iconic Purple Haze strain, and they live inside a charging case with an appropriate “smoked grey” translucent top.

Reefer references aside, the Haze edition is otherwise identical to the regular Grind true wireless in-ears, meaning you can expect its dynamic drivers to deliver entertaining audio out of the box and the Skullcandy smartphone companion app giving plenty of scope for tweaking.

The buds are IP55 sweat and splash resistant, have Spotify Tap support to resume your playlist with one button, and have Tile tracking in case you can’t remember where you left the buds – perhaps a useful inclusion, given the target audience.

Built-in touch controls handle music playback, answering calls from a paired phone, waking the voice assistant and toggling the Stay-Aware transparency mode for keeping track of your surroundings. It even has bespoke “Hey Skullcandy” voice commands for hands-free control.

The battery should last for up to nine hours of listening from the buds themselves. The USB-C charging case can then add an extra 31 hours before it’ll need a trip to a mains socket. A 10 minute trip to the case should be enough to add another two hours of listening.

You don’t need to head down to the street corner to score these buds. They’re on sale right now from the Skullcandy website, for £70.

The Haze Grind join Skullcandy’s increasingly long list of special edition releases. The firm recently teamed up with Doritos for the UV-reactive SLYR gaming headset and Dime 2 in-ears, and we’ve also been treated to a Street Fighter II-inspired version of the PLYR wireless headset.

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