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Promoted: Top tips to get the most out of the noise-cancelling Libratone TRACK Air+

How to master your buds

You only need to take one look at the Libratone TRACK Air+’s headline specs to know these headphones are committed to getting the best out of your music listening experience.

For a start, there are no wires, leaving you untethered to listen without restriction. Next up, Bluetooth 5.0 ensures frustrating connectivity issues are a thing of the past, while a generous six-hour battery life, with three further charges in the case, means you’ll never be left stranded without music in your ears.

So far, so good. But while these practical box ticks are obviously important, there’s a more personal consideration to be made when buying headphones too – and that’s how your music sounds.

While some headphones go for a one-sound-fits-all approach, decided by some sound engineer you’re unlikely to ever meet, the TRACK Air+ leaves that power in your hands, giving you the freedom to tailor your music experience your liking. Just how it should be, if you ask us.

Whether you already have a pair or if you’re yet to bag yourself one, they’re available to buy from the Libratone website here. These are our top tips on getting the most from your music with the Libratone TRACK Air+.

Get the right fit

Get the right fit

The TRACK Air+ come with three extra ear tips in the box, so you can ensure the right fit for your ears. Don’t just leave on the ones that come pre-fitted, even if they feel ok. Play around with them all to be sure you’ve got the best fit you can.

Getting this right is important for comfort, bass response and noise isolation, not to mention it ensures they aren’t going to fall out of your ears if you so much as power walk for the bus.

Experiment with voicing

Experiment with voicing

Rather than give you full EQ controls, which can be confusing and overwhelming for many of us, Libratone has engineered three different sound modes or “voicing” – for different tastes, genres or even moods.

There’s Neutral, for those who like a good balance between bass, vocals and treble, Extra Bass for throwing in some extra oomph in the low end or Enhanced Treble for giving those highs some increased clarity.

You’ll find these options in the Libratone app, which you can download for iOS and Android. To decide what’s best for you, put on your favourite song or genre and take a listen with each of them. Neutral works brilliantly with most music, and you’ll find a lovely balance between vocals, drum beats and cymbal crashes. Listen to something like Dua Lipa’s ‘Don’t Start Now’ or Halsey’s ‘You should be sad’ to hear it at its best.

It’s no surprise that hip hop or EDM will make the most out of the Extra Bass mode. ‘Heartless’ by The Weeknd or Young T & Bugsey’s ‘Don’t Rush’ really shine with some extra warmth and whallop in the low end, and sound fuller and richer for it. The Enhanced Treble, on the other hand, will work wonders with any orchestral music – film soundtracks or classical numbers for example – but will equally add a bit of added energy and a pinch more clarity into pop music and female vocal-led tracks. Try Beyonce’s ‘Spirit’ from the Lion King soundtrack to hear what it can do.

Adjust the noise cancellation

Adjust the noise cancellation

It’s not just the sound modes that are out there to help you get the most from your music – the noise cancellation offered by the TRACK Air+ is also adjustable to ensure it’s doing its part in the experience too.

That means it can be as full on or as laid back as you want or need it to be, depending on your surroundings, with options to control it manually or have the Track Air+ do the hard work for you.

Libratone’s app is where you’ll find the controls either way. If you choose to go manual, you’ll be able to scroll around a control wheel on screen to adjust the strength of noise cancellation on a step-by-step basis, between one and 30.

There are four main levels within this, labelled to give you an idea of the strength you need for various situations. These include Ambient Pass Through, for when you need to have one ear on what’s going on, then Office, Cafe and Metro/Airplane – the latter being the most heavy handed, for cutting out transport noise almost entirely.

Switch to Smart Noise Cancellation and the TRACK Air+ will monitor your surroundings and make the decision for you, keeping things nice and simple – not to mention hugely effective.

Whichever way you do it, by picking the right level of noise cancellation, you will ensure you maximise the battery life of the TRACK Air+, while getting a performance that suits your needs.

Make the most of the app

Make the most of the app

We’ve mentioned the importance of using the app for adjusting other parts of your music experience, but it’s also worth a look for a few other reasons.

For example, you can customise the tap controls on each earbud to create actions that work best for you, such play/pause, skip, previous or toggling between noise cancelling and ambient monitoring – for when you don’t need ANC on.

The tap function can be used when making and taking calls too, for a seamless hands-free conversation – and since the latest update, you can now control the volume directly on the earbuds, so you needn’t get your phone out when on the move or in the middle of a cardio session.

There are also built in music services accessible through the app, so you can access your Spotify and Tidal playlists quickly, or favourite internet radio stations instead.

Pick your music and enjoy!

Pick your music and enjoy!

Now you know how to get the most out of your music with the Libratone TRACK Air+, all that’s left is to pop them in, put on your favourite music and enjoy. You can thank us later.

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