Meet the music system that morphs to fit your room

The Dynaudio Music 7 uses DSP to sound just right, anywhere

Do you live in an elliptical lighthouse? One of those fur-clad war tents from Game of Thrones? Perhaps a shed? Then chances are, you’ve experienced sound issues. Speakers are designed for conventional spaces and positions. They like to be a certain distance from a solid, flat wall. The Dynaudio Music 7 works differently. This aluminium and custom cloth-clad intelligent music system senses your room, using Dynaudio’s proven digital signal processing to automatically adapt its performance to sound the same whether it’s tucked away on a shelf or right in the middle of things. It knows when conditions change, adjusting the tonal character of its 300W output for clarity even when your home starts filling with guests. Add to that the fact it can stream from almost anything (aptX Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, TIDAL, Spotify Connect, Apple AirPlay, USB, optical and more), the inclusion of an HDMI-ARC port (so it can be used as a soundbar for your TV) and its ability to learn your listening habits and auto-generate playlist for you at the touch of one of its preset buttons, and you have a system that’s not made for any old home – it’s made for yours.

Add musical intelligence like this to every room with Dynaudio’s new Music range:

The pocket rocket: Dynaudio Music 1

Portable and powerful: Dynaudio Music 3

The second-room system: Dynaudio Music 5

To learn more about Music, Dynaudio’s range of intelligent wireless music systems, click here.