If the world went 8-bit, the Dynaudio Music 5 is how speakers would look

Please go 8-bit, world

Speaker design history 101: the horn. The box. The bigger box. The less boxy box. The dock. The designer dock. The lozenge. And that brings us up to date. We are surely due something radical – and that’s where the Dynaudio Music 5 comes in. This wireless music system’s ‘low-poly’ design makes it look like a baddie in an ’80s shoot-’em-up. Its ultra-stable skeleton is wrapped in custom fabric from Danish textile house Gabriel, banded with brushed aluminium, filled with three custom MSP speaker drivers, two soft-dome tweeters and 250W of amplification, and imbued with a rare intelligence. It’ll generate you a playlist of songs from TIDAL that you actually want to hear with one tap of one of its five presets. It listens to ambient noise around it, adapting its output so it always sounds its best. It knows where it’s placed in a room and optimises its sound accordingly. And it’ll stream from just about anything: aptX Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Apple AirPlay, USB, optical-in and more.

It’s designed to be effortless. And it has three equally good-looking friends that turn it into a multi-room system par excellence.

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