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Meater’s next-gen smart meat thermometer can be grilled at higher heat

Cook to perfection with this brainy cooking thermometer.

Meater 2 smart thermometer

While you’re supposed to be able to poke a steak to tell when it’s done, it’s not the smartest way to tell your medium-rare from well-done. Looking for a smarter way to know when you’re done cooking to perfection? Meater’s second-gen smart meat thermometer has you covered. It hooks up to your smartphone via Bluetooth, so you can keep an eye on how your dinner’s coming along. And with this next-gen model, you can grill the brainy thermometer at higher temperatures.

Insert Meater’s wireless smart thermometer into your meat before setting it to sizzle. The connected probe then sends live heat readings to your smartphone. You’ve been able to use the previous-gen model for roasting, smoking, grilling, deep fat frying, and air frying, and the Meater 2 Plus has another method up its sleeve. The smart probe can be used for open-flame grilling at high heats – no more chewy steaks at your next BBQ. It can reach an ambient temperature of 500°C with a maximum internal temperature of 105°C.

For precise measurements, the Meater 2 Plus packs five internal temperature sensors and one ambient sensor. These Smart Multisensors detect the real core temperatures of meat to guarantee perfect cooking results each time. The Guided Cook System walks you through every step of the cooking process, while the Advanced Estimator Algorithm actively calculates how long it will be until your meat is ready to eat. It’s made from the same stainless steel, to withstand high temperatures. But the second-gen model is 30% slimmer and stronger than the original.

Other tweaks to the Meater 2 Plus include moving the Bluetooth sensors to give you a better range. This means you can go pop your favourite Christmas jumper on while the turkey is in the oven, and not worry about missing an alert. It can now charge up to 50% in just 15 minutes, and a fully charged probe can squeeze out 24 hours worth of temperature sensing.

Fancy taking your meat prep to the next level? The Meater 2 Plus is available to order directly from the brand. It’ll set you back £119, and is an ideal bit of kit for prepping Christmas dinner in a few weeks.

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