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Lego is crowdfunding five incredible new limited edition sets

Prepare to be bowled over

A Lego bowling alley set available through crowdfunding

Not found something quite quirky enough in our Christmas gift guide? Fear not, Lego has you covered with a series of new crowdfunded sets you can pre-order today.

The iconic toy company has made a second round of unofficial Lego sets available through its BrickLink Designer Program, a sort of Lego-specific version of Kickstarter, only run by the brickmiester itself. This not only means you fund with confidence, but the terms for creators are clear and they can expect to see 10 per cent of the proceeds from their work.

The projects it features were originally rejected submissions in the Lego Ideas programme. BrickLink gives them a new lease on life and the most popular builds as chosen by Legoheads make it through to the production stage – of which five are currently available as part of the second cohort.

Actually, make that four as the most popular project – the Modular Lego Store – has already sold out. The other four had cleared their funding goal but were still available to back at the time of writing, with prices ranging from £50 for the awesome little aquarium below, up to £220 for the most expensive.

Designer Program sets will feature digital building instructions available through the LEGO Building Instructions app. As we’ve said, you can back the final projects with confidences at this stage, as Lego says “you will only be charged if this project is one of the first five projects to receive 3,000 pre-orders, and only once the product is shipped to you.”

That said, there’s still a bit of a wait before you can actually get your mitts on any of the creations. While manufacturing is now underway according to the site, the estimated shipping date for the four left is Q3 2022.