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I’m already making room under my TV for LG’s new 2024 soundbars

Bringing wireless Dolby Atmos to compatible LG TVs at CES

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LG has kicked off its CES 2024 announcements early with a sneak peek at a line-up of slick new soundbars. These audio upgrades are purpose-built to match the firm’s snazzy OLED TVs – which, given it has the lion’s share of the market, is more than likely what you have in your living room right now. I know I do, and now I’m thinking how I can make space for one of these once they hit retail.

The LG CES soundbar reveals are headlined by the SG10Y, a wall-mounted soundbar that can beam lossless Dolby Atmos audio from certain OLED TVs cable-free using LG’s WOWCAST tech. That’s crucial for the M-series OLED wireless TVs, which don’t have eARC connections on their panels. With some clever power cable routing, it can create a flush fit with zero wall gap. The design and dimensions also match the width and frame of LG’s OLED TVs perfectly.

Inside you can expect goodies such as Tidal Connect and Spotify Connect streaming, a WOW Orchestra mode that combines the soundbar’s speakers with the ones built into the TV for a wider soundstage, and an updated AI Room Calibration tool. This now takes any wireless rear surround speakers into account, making setup a breeze.

I have my eye on the S95TR, which splits a huge 810W output across 15 separate channels, including five up-firing speakers. A dedicated up-firing centre channel should make speech that much clearer, even during hectic action scenes. The tweeters have also been upgraded from the last-gen model with greater high-end precision. A new matte finish should cut down on screen reflections too, which sounds handy for night-time movie marathons.

Those with a QNED TV aren’t being left out. The new S70TY can be fitted with a dedicated bracket, which attaches directly below the screen for a streamlined look. That means there’s no need to break out the power drill or put holes in the wall. The soundbar itself sounds well equipped, with a centre up-firing speaker and an angled design for accurate audio based on the screen’s height.

There’s no word on when LG will start shipping the new range, or how much each model is expected to cost. I’m betting all will become clear once doors open at CES 2024 in January.

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