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Ikea has designed the perfect furniture for gamers – here’s why

Everyone's favourite Swedish furniture maker has a new range for gamers

A selection of Ikea's new gaming furniture

When you think of new gaming gear and gaming chairs, brands like SecretLabs probably come to mind before Ikea. But everyone’s favourite Swedish furniture brand reckons it can give gamers what they need.

And there’s a new range of furniture en route that’s set to be the perfect addition for any gamer – it’s also bound to be friendlier on the wallet.

This fresh line-up of gaming furniture brings a splash of Scandinavian simplicity to the gaming world. It features 20 items that promise not to transform your living space into a spaceship cockpit.

Ikea’s Brännboll range takes a cheeky swing at typical gamer aesthetics. It opts for designs that wouldn’t look out of place in a tastefully decorated living room. Think less dungeon, more Danish modern. You’ll find items ranging from a fold-out armchair to an innovative gaming station that masquerades as a wardrobe when not in use. The collection offers a variety of seating options, including a rocking chair that moves with the player, and a quirky inflatable donut chair. Why should comfort be confined to traditional forms? This line-up is Ikea’s nod to the gaming masses who prefer their furniture to look good and function without shouting about it.

Designed to blend seamlessly into any décor, the Brännboll collection is inspired by street sports and athleisure. It sports a palette of neutrals punctuated with vibrant hues. Philip Dilé, the brain behind the Brännboll vision, points out that this collection is about recognizing that gaming isn’t just a hobby but a part of everyday life. The range is crafted to transition smoothly from intense gaming sessions to regular home life. It caters to gamers of all ages, and whatever device/console you use to play.

While specific prices are still under wraps, eager buyers can mark their calendars for the collection’s worldwide launch in September 2024 at Ikea stores globally. This gives everyone plenty of time to clear a spot in their living rooms for what might just be the future of gaming furniture, dressed in street-smart style.

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