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Honda’s 0 Series EV concepts are seriously space-age

New line-up due on the road in 2026

Honda 0 Series saloon concept hot stuff

Honda has premiered its new Honda 0 Series vision at CES in Las Vegas, with a brace of electric car concepts that will evolve into a new electric range due to arrive in 2026.

The Japanese carmaker took the covers off its Saloon and Space-Hub concepts on Tuesday. Both models underline Honda’s commitment to its range of next-generation EVs after adopting a new approach, which it dubs Thin, Light, and Wise.

Looking decidedly futuristic, the Honda 0 Series Saloon is a long, low and very sleek design finished in brooding black. Inside, the Saloon is similarly dark and mysterious, with an instrument panel that features a human-machine interface and steer-by-wire controls.

As you’d expect for a futuristic vehicle, interior and exterior materials will be as sustainable as possible. Honda has also tweaked it’s ‘H mark’ logo to compliment the evolving direction of its vehicles towards all-electric and will feature on the next generation of Honda 0 Series models.

Conversely, the Honda 0 Series Space-Hub looks more people carrier-like, with an interior that makes use of the ‘living room on wheels’ approach that has been adopted by other manufacturers in recent years. Lots of glass, including a panoramic roof complimented by clever use of ambient lighting makes the interior look really inviting.

And, as you’d expect, Honda plans to offer lots of tech treats inside to keep people happy, although precise details on what and when we’ll know more about the specifics are yet to be revealed.

Information is also currently sparse on the platform the Honda 0 Series will be based on. However, the company has stated that it is continuing with work to develop all-solid-state batteries that are set to feature in the new models as they appear during the second half of the decade.

Ultimately, Honda wants to become a fully electric brand by 2040 and already has a 40% electrification target in its sights for 2030.

Honda also hopes that by adopting the 0 Series thinking for its future cars the company can highlight its goal of achieving zero environmental impact over the coming decades. The company wants to achieve carbon neutrality for all its products and corporate activities by 2050, as well as achieving zero traffic collision fatalities involving its bikes and cars.

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