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The GoCycle G4 e-bike range gets carbon forks and a new motor

Forking out for fourth-generation forks

Whether it’s the rare chance to go further than the end of your road, discover parts of your neighbourhood you never knew existed, or simply avoid walking through puddles, Britain has gone cycling mad during lockdown. When it comes to e-bikes, for those unwilling to truly exert themselves, demand has been outstripping supply. Take GoCycle who have been out of stock of most models since December, but the good news is it’s almost ready to pedal three new bikes set to arrive in March. The GoCycle G4 (£3,199), GoCycle G4i (£3,999) and range-topping GoCycle G4i+ (£4,999) represent the company’s fourth-generation fast-folding rides, featuring all-new carbon front forks and a new G4 motor system. At present, all we’ve got is this pretty teaser picture with the promise of full specs and images to be revealed next month, so until then you’ll just have to stick to wellies and walks around the block, but you can expect the sort of iconic styling that has served GoCycle well for over a decade now, which isn’t surprising since founder Richard Thorpe used to design McLaren cars for a living. 

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