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GoCycle’s new G4 range is lighter, quieter and more powerful

And they’ll even charge your phone while you ride

While many of us will emerge from lockdown carrying a few extra kilos – just one more takeaway this week can’t hurt, right? – there are those annoying people who have taken the opportunity to get in shape – and GoCycle would appear to be the latter. With a new carbon fibre mid-frame and single-sided front fork, plus more lightweight materials overall, the G4 folding electric bike (from £3399) is whole kilogram lighter than its predecessor, while the quieter new G4drive electric motor provides more power and torque to get you going with less effort on your part. Range depends on which model you go for, but the G4i (£3999, pictured) should do about 10 miles more than the 40-mile standard one. It also adds an LED dash that displays your speed and battery info, an integrated daytime running light, detachable pedals and predictive automatic gears. Want to ride on carbon wheels? Then you’ll want the top-end G4i+ (£4999). All three also include a built-in USB port, so you can charge your phone while you ride to collect your curry instead of having it delivered. One step at a time, eh?

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