The Tile Pro and Tile Mate make losing your belongings near impossible

Nothing to lose
02 October 2018 / 11:00BST

Lost property supervisors should start looking for new jobs, because these tiny Tile location trackers are going to make losing your stuff not even worth considering. The second gen of Tile Pro and Tile Mate feature replaceable batteries, louder bleepings and most importantly longer ranges. The Pro series (£29.99 and available from today) has a range of 300ft and after some gnarly squish and tumble tests, it’s as robust as a tiny hippopotamus. What’s more, it’ll communicate with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant - so when you get home late after work, drenched by rain and ask yourself ‘Where the fresh hell did I put my keys?’ you’ll finally have an answer. It doesn’t finish there either, you can ring your Tile and detect its whereabouts on the map shown on the accompanying app. You can use Tile to find your phone by pressing a small button, even when it’s on silent. The coolest thing though is the community find, so the millions of Tile users all over the world can help you discover your lost belongings and ping you its location if they happen be in close proximity of said lost items. Very utopian.