The stylish Zwitscherbox uses birdsong to counter the stress of modern life

A relaxing sound-bite of nature
25 June 2018 / 17:30BST

Often what people associate with birdsong is the incessantly annoying sound of chirping at 6am on a Sunday, which never fails to drive them out of bed as the futility of trying to block out the noise with a pillow is realised. However what it seems they’ve missed is the overwhelming health benefits brought on by such noise, including reduced stress and increased productivity. German sound specialist Relaxound has looked to incorporate this into new product Zwitscherbox (from £39.99), whose motion sensors- when activated- fill the air with sounds of the Bavarian Forest. The device is wireless and so can be placed anywhere in the house, though is perhaps not best suited to the bedside table if you move around in your sleep.