Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag+ uses AR to help you find your kit

Let's get lost
09 April 2021 / 13:49BST

If you’ve ever attached one of those Bluetooth tags to one of your precious possessions you’ll be familiar with the ‘getting warmer, no colder’ dance you have to perform when using their audio alerts to find anything – but Samsung’s Galaxy Smart Tag+ (£39.99) has a better idea. With both Bluetooth Low Energy and ultra wideband tech onboard, you can fire up the camera on your UWB-equipped Samsung phone and use AR to track down your missing keys/bag/dignity instead, with a hazy green on-screen graphic to indicate where you should be searching. Once you’re within touching distance, you can trigger an audible SOS to ensure you can lay your hands on it. If you’re not even sure you’re in the same postcode, you’ll also get the option to see its general whereabouts on a map, so you can narrow it down before firing up your camera when you get close. Pick one up from 16 April (if you can find one).