The Optoma UHL55 is a portable 4K projector that plays nice with Alexa

Little box of tricks
19 October 2018 / 18:23BST

“Projectors are too big and clumpy,” we hear you complain. Not the case with Optoma's UHL55, which is designed to be portable and easy to carry from room to room. “OK, well surely image quality is going to take a knock if you’re trying to cram all that tech into something so small,” you continue to protest. Actually, this one is 4K and HDR compatible, while its use of the latest LED tech apparently gives you twice as much brightness as you’d get from an equivalent lamp-based projector. “Yeah, well connecting stuff to it is probably a pain.” It has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, two HDMI ports and can play UHD content from a USB stick. “What a shame I no longer acknowledge technology I can’t have a conversation with,” you snarl, refusing to admit defeat. Turns out the UHL55 can be controlled using Alexa if you have a compatible device. Pretty good, right? Launch date and price incoming.