Njori Tempo is a compact smart cooker that will fit on the bookshelf

A la Kickstarter
28 May 2021 / 12:04BST

We all fancy ourselves as chefs these days, but the plated-up results often reveal otherwise. The all-in-one smart cooking Njori Tempo (starting at £239) is the smart cooker that’ll put an end to you forever blaming your tools. That’s because it offers pan temperature control as well as probe temperature control, sous vide, deep frying, slow cooking, and even has built-in scales. As if it wasn’t enough to be able to make perfect tempura at home on a Monday, and a slow cooked stew on Tuesday, at just 37cm x 28cm x 5cm, it’s compact enough for the tiniest of kitchens, plus all the accessories and cables pack neatly into the cork base, which is held together by magnets. It’s that kind of clever design which makes us hungry to be an early backer of such potential Kickstarter excellence.