The Nike Go FlyEase are hands-free trainers that put your feet first

Can you kick it?
02 February 2021 / 14:39GMT

Nike has created a hands-free concept shoe to help everybody enjoy the raring sneaker renaissance. It's called the Nike Go FlyEase, and it eliminates the need for laces by employing a bi-stable hinge that enables the shoe to be slipped on and off using nothing but those slabs of meat we call feet. The unique design - which essentially works like an elasticated hinge, allowing the trainer to be open and closed in a snap - ensures the innovative kicks will remain secure when worn, but also provides enough flexibility for hands-free entry and removal. Nike is touting the design as "accessible and empowering," but we reckon it'll also catch the eye of those lace-flouting deviants who regularly cram their feet into their cherished sneaks before rushing out the door. The Nike Go FlyEase will initially be made avaialble to select Nike Members, but should be rolled out to the masses later this year.