Nike celebrates the past by looking to the future with self-lacing Air Jordan XI Adapt

Pumped up kicks
12 November 2020 / 11:17GMT

Nike has created a self-lacing Air Jordan XI to celebrate the iconic sneaker's 25th Anniversary. The new Air Jordan XI Adapt uses the company's 'Adapt' power lacing technology to create a perfect fit by electronically adjusting each shoe to the shape of the foot. The tech connects with the Nike Adapt App (which will sport a unique 'Jordan-flavoured' interface) and can be used to fine-tune your fit, switch between presets, customise the lights embedded in the midsole, and check power levels. It's the perfect excuse to add another pair of kicks to your wardrobe - although there's still no word on how much the Air Jordan XI Adapt will cost, so you might want to brace yourself.