The Micro Drone 4.0 will use self-hovering tech to help first-time flyers take off

First-time flyer
29 January 2019 / 18:43GMT

Remember the Micro Drone 3.0? The minuscule quadcopter with a HD camera that raised over $3 million on Indiegogo, only to sorely disappoint when it finally arrived? Well, the team behind that hit-n-miss invention are having another crack at the whip with the Micro Drone 4.0 ($200), but this time they're looking to make things right. Unlike the 3.0, which was a nightmare to pilot, the new and improved 4.0 is being pitched as the first self-hovering Micro Drone to capture HD footage. That's been made possible thanks to all new autonomous flight tech, which should eliminate the previously steep learning curve to let even first-time users fly with ease. It's an upgrade that could turn the 4.0 into a real game changer, assuming it actually delivers the goods this time around.