iComboStand offers all-in-one wireless charging for Apple acolytes

It’ll even take care of your AirPods
19 February 2019 / 12:02GMT

If your everyday arsenal includes an iPhone, an Apple Watch and a pair of AirPods, not only are you a gigantic stereotype but you must spend a significant chunk of your day plugging stuff in to charge. iCombostand wants to save you literally seconds per day by providing one single unit that charges everything wirelessly. There’s an angled stand for your phone, so you can continue watching videos or FaceTime even when it’s charging, a magnetic pad to hold your Apple Watch in place, and a spot underneath for your AirPod case. But hang on, the AirPod case isn’t Qi compatible, is it? That’s why the iCombostand comes with a special skin that you put your AirPod case inside, giving it the necessary power to charge your buds wirelessly. You can back the iCombostand on Kickstarter at a discounted early bird price of AU$110, with shipping expected to start in June.