HTC debuts three new Vive Cosmos headsets, as well as new standalone faceplates

So much VR
20 February 2020 / 16:55GMT

When HTC Valve introduced the Vive Cosmos last year, its mission statement couldn’t have been clearer. With inside-out tracking, an unrivalled 2880 x 1700 resolution and modular faceplates, the Cosmos was pitched as the most versatile consumer VR headset on the market. And as of today, prospective high-end VR plunge-takers have more options than ever. The Vive Cosmos Series consists of three new headsets that each swap the original’s faceplate for a new one. Top of the tree is the £899 Vive Cosmos Elite, which employs an external tracking plate that communicates with SteamVR base stations for more precision in games. The Vive Cosmos XR will start as dev kit in Q2, but will eventually enable mixed reality experiences thanks to it passthrough cameras. And the third new headset is the Vive Cosmos Play, an entry-level option that drops the number of inside-out cameras from the original model’s six, to four, which should make it a lot more affordable. Already got a Vive Cosmos? You’ll be able to buy the External Tracking Plate separately for £199 later this year.