Digit Number Pad is a wireless number pad masquerading as a chunky retro calculator

It all adds up
05 March 2019 / 15:15GMT

The best modern keyboards are super-sleek and skinny, but they mostly lack number pads. If you spend any time inputting figures, it’s a chore to use the number row. External number pads exist, but tend to look like someone’s sliced a chunk off of an extended PC keyboard from 1987. Not Digit Number Pad ($39), though. Evoking 1960s design, like Lofree’s keyboard, this swish entry looks vibrant rather than dull. Also, retro stylings are matched by modern innards: clicky switches; simultaneous Bluetooth connectivity to three devices; and a mode that transforms the device into an actual standalone calculator. There’s even a backlit keys mode – perfect for when you’re tapping away, working on your taxes deep into the night before they’re due to be paid.