Audi’s Electric Kick Scooter is the Segway it’s OK to ride

Audi, partner
01 December 2020 / 17:57GMT

Riding an electric scooter on UK roads might still be a crime, but that hasn’t stopped us drawing up a wishlist for when the law gets changed. Whizzing its way to the top is this two-wheeler from Audi, which, thanks to a little help from Segway, can hit a top speed of 20km/h and keep going for up to 65km before its 551Wh lithium battery needs recharging – not much compared to one of its e-tron electric cars, but impressive for a scooter. It also comes with regenerative brakes, LED lights and a full-colour dash, which should make you the envy of the neighbourhood. Pick one up now for €998.99 and stick it in your shed until you’re allowed to tear up the Tarmac.