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Agazzi Pro makes your backpack look dumb

It even comes with a built-in fingerprint reader

Agazzi sounds like a company that makes fancy Italian supercars, which is rather apt when you consider that the Agazzi Pro is very much the Ferrari of backpacks. Not only does it have lights inside and out, there’s also a built-in battery for charging your phone and a locking system that only opens with your fingerprint. Its 23-litre capacity won’t go from empty to full too quickly, plus it comes with 15 different pockets, including an RFID-protected one for your wallet. There are three other models, the Liberty, Lumi (pictured) and Stile, but only the Pro comes with the full complement of features, so buying any of the others would be a bit like driving a Tesco Value Ferrari. The Pro’s Kickstarter price is £189, with the rest of the range starting at £129, but when they go on sale in September the Pro will be £350 and the others will start at £220.