Nintendo’s SNES Classic Mini is real - and it’s coming in September

Retro Ninty gaming, round two
26 June 2017 / 17:22BST

Still mourning the untimely death of Nintendo’s much-vaunted NES Classic Mini? Fear not: the SNES is here to comfort your restless retro soul. Provided you can wait until 29 September, mind. Styled identically to the original 90s box, the new-old SNES (or the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System, US$80) ships with 21 pre-loaded games, including classics such as F-ZERO, Super Mario Kart, Final Fantasy III and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Admittedly, there are some notable omissions (Chrono Trigger, anyone?) - but there should still be plenty here to distract Ninty fans in search of more throwback fulfilment. And there’s every chance it’ll sell out just as quickly as the NES, too.