This new PS4 controller looks like the DualShock 4’s tiny child

“Dad, can I fight the orcs too?”
12 October 2017 / 14:20BST

We appreciate that even people who grew up with Toy Story don’t regularly think about a world in which PlayStation controllers have kids, but we think you’ll agree that if they did, they'd probably look like Hori’s Wired Mini Gamepad (price TBC). The officially licensed pad, which also looks a bit like a Joy-Con on its side, retains all the important buttons from its full-size counterpart (or, as we’ve established, its Dad), but some have been shrunken down on account of the smaller form factor. It even has a teeny touchpad. Somewhat disappointingly, it’s a wired controller, but the cord is a manageable 3m long, and it’s clearly being aimed at younger players. That said, we dig the retro design and would think about picking one up when they go on sale in November.