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DualShock 4 not your bag? Check out these upcoming PS4 pro controllers

Sony reveals officially sanctioned third-party pads for its console

If you’re a gaming enthusiast – or even an esports pro – who doesn’t feel like the PlayStation 4’s standard DualShock 4 controller is the tool you need to pull off the moves that leave your opponents REKT, we have some welcome news for you.

In a blog post, Sony has just revealed an upcoming pair of “pro” controllers, built by third-party manufacturers, but officially licensed by the console maker. That means, according to Sony, they’ll plug and play with your console, no matter which of the three PS4 models you own, without any frustrating pairing issues.

First up is the Nacon Revolution (above), designed with esports players in mind (and more than a little reminiscent of the Xbox One controller, we reckon). Connecting to your PS4 via a three-metre USB cable, it features four customisable shortcut buttons and two internal compartments with six weights, which can be tweaked as you see fit. In fact, the customisability is strong in this one, as there are four custom profiles, configurable via a companion PC app, which can be switched between at will.

Then there’s the Raiju from Razer, which Sony also describes as suitable for pro gamers and also connects via a three-metre cable. It features two extra bumper buttons and two extra detachable triggers, a hair-trigger mode for twitchier responses in shooting games and two switchable custom profiles. It also features on-pad volume controls for any headset connected to its 3.5mm jack.

While we don’t yet know the prices for these pads, both will be on sale in the run-up to Christmas. So if you know any PS4-owning esports wannabes, you know what to slip into their stocking.

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