The Ataribox is happening, and you’re definitely going to want the Wood Edition

Make some room under that telly
26 September 2017 / 17:06BST

After months of speculation, we finally have some new information about the upcoming Ataribox. The famous brand’s comeback console will be powered by an AMD customised processor, boasting Radeon Graphics tech. It’ll run on Linux, meaning you’ll be getting what they call a ‘full PC experience for the TV’, with streaming, apps, web browsing and all the other multimedia stuff you’d expect from a modern console. That’s not to say you won’t be able to fire up Super Breakout on it, though. The Ataribox (approx. $249-$299) - obviously inspired by the Atari 2600 and launching in Spring 2018 with a real wood edition - comes pre-loaded with loads of retro games, as well some as-yet unnamed current titles. You can back it on Indiegogo when the campaign goes live in the next few months.