The Atari Retro Handheld lets you take Pong on the road

Retro gamers rejoice
05 September 2017 / 15:48BST

Atari, we put it to you, has a lot in common with buses. You wait ages (20 years) for one to come along, only for two to arrive at once. Details about the semi-recently announced Ataribox are still relatively thin on the ground, but in the meantime we can lust over the Retro Atari Handheld (£34.99, due November 2017), a new handheld/console hybrid (HT Nintendo Switch) aimed squarely at old-school gamers. Essentially a portable Atari 2600, the machine has a similarly distinctive wood effect finish, and you can play the 50 pre-installed classics on a 2.4inch screen, or alternatively, your big ol’ telly via A/V output. Yet another ace stocking filler.