The Adjustable Charging Stand for Nintendo Switch lets Tabletop games go on forever

Stand corrected
10 May 2018 / 12:30BST

Tabletop mode is a great way to play multiplayer Switch games – right up until the console runs out of juice. Then, you’re left facing a black screen of sadness, quietly cursing Nintendo’s decision to include a kickstand yet put the power port on the bottom of the console. Nintendo’s realised the error of its ways with, naturally, yet another accessory: the thrillingly named Adjustable Charging Stand for Nintendo Switch ($19.99 – UK pricing TBC). Out in July, the stand has you plug your power lead into its side, shove your Switch into the appropriate slot, choose the best viewing angle, and enter endless gaming bliss. Well, until you realise there’s no HDMI out, so you can’t hurl your TV dock into the cupboard just yet.