Vodafone has launched an intelligent 40 lumen bike light with a built-in GPS tracker and 107db siren

Bright spark
03 June 2021 / 11:27BST

Vodafone has created a smart bike light that combines a GPS tracker with Ultrabright LEDs that can even be spotted during the day. The Curve (£79) bike light features 3 light modes that offer up to 40 lumens of brightness, and uses a built-in SIM to incorporate smart features like a GPS tracker that can be used to check on your bike from afar and Impact Detection and Help Alerts that will notify friends and family in the event of a crash or fall. There's even a security mode that can detect unauthorised movement and kick a 107db siren into gear when your cherished cycle is in danger of being pilfered or damaged. The light itself can be detached from the tracker with a simple twist, letting you remove it from harm's way while still keeping tabs on your ride. In the event your bike does get pinched, the tracker will remain active for as long as the battery lasts - and Vodafone is touting 4.5 days of juice when on standby. If that's got your wheels in a spin, you'll be pleased to hear the Curve is on sale right now.

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