See.Sense’s latest AI bike light shines bright when it matters

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27 October 2017 / 11:00BST

See.Sense began its crowdfunded quest to make life safer for cyclists back in 2013. Three products later it’s back with Ace, its smartest light yet and the culmination of nearly five years R&D. The device’s AI tracks your entire journey, constantly observing your riding style and adjusting its brightness depending on the time of day and where you are. Essentially, if you’re about to hit a busy junction, Ace will have you back. With 125 lumens of brightness, the light is designed to be seen from more than a mile away, while 10 hours of battery life will have you covered for a long distance ride. Settings can be tweaked in the companion app, and the bike light will pair with your Garmin gear. Back it from $25 on Kickstarter.

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