Meet the human drone that'll bring you and your shopping home

All aboard the Volocopter 2X, your personal flying machine
24 April 2017 / 16:57BST

Future transport planners have only one question to answer: should humans be shrunk, or drones made bigger? E-Volo is strongly for the latter: its Volocopter 2X is an 18-rotor drone of people proportions that they hope to launch as soon as 2018. Hop aboard and you can pilot its all-electric equipment, provided you’ve the relevant qualifications, or - in the world of tomorrow - rest easy as it’s remotely or autonomously controlled. It’ll seat two in its tailless pod, with a four-seater iteration penned for future development. Capable of vertical take-off and landing, it’s near-silent operation could make it a perfect taxi replacement, too, with swappable batteries for a quick turnaround. Heli-Uber, anyone?

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