Limited-edition Gocycle G3+ is a bike of many colours

It now comes in natty red, green and yellow editions
19 October 2020 / 13:20BST

With trains and buses now just germ factories on wheels, you might be eyeing up alternative modes of transport to get you from A to B – and they don’t get much more tempting than Gocycle’s new limited-edition G3+ (£3999). Inside the magnesium frame it’s got a 375Wh battery that’ll leave you stranded 50 miles away from home if you’re feeling intrepid, while the folding handlebars and pedals, plus removable carbon PitstopWheels, mean you can easily pack it up for the journey home. Alternatively, you can wait four hours for it to recharge and do the hard work yourself. Just be quick: only 300 are being made available worldwide.

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