Nikon Z fc is ready to reclaim its retro clout with a new classic design

Don't call it a comeback
02 July 2021 / 16:25BST

1982 is the year Italy won the world cup, Channel 4 made its debut and ET was playing at the movies. Shutterbugs will also associate this golden era with the launch of Nikon’s FM2, a camera that is still considered a cold, hard classic. What’s surprising then, is that it’s taken so long to pay homage to its history, well, until the launch of the Nikon Z fc (£899, body only). With retro looks, including a magnesium alloy build and all physical control, it looks like it was born in the 80s, but unlike the classic which it’s based on, it sports Nikon’s Z lens mount, supports USB-C and there’s a load of modern features which position it as a modern marvel. A high-resolution vari-angle screen for instance; a smooth and speedy autofocus system with 11fps burst shooting, and a 20.9MP CMOS sensor. Indisputably, it's the best-looking camera Nikon has made in a long time and even though it’s a DX-format sensor, the full-frame Z-mount lenses are all compatible, albeit with some cropping.