Lomo’s latest instant camera is top of the glass

The Lomo’instant Automat Glass Magellan’s images promise to be as sharp as that pun
28 March 2017 / 10:44BST

Instant cameras are good fun, to which our five star review of the Lomo'Instant Automat attests, but one of the accepted results of shooting on to Fuji Instax film is slightly low-fi image quality. Most photographers desire it, in fact, because art. The word ‘Glass’ in the Lomo'Instant Automat Glass Magellan's name represents Lomo’s decision to up the ante, upgrading this version to a muticoated glass lens. With further differences including a wide 21mm equivalent focal length and a reasonably low-light friendly f/4.5 aperture. For £169 you also get a macro lens in the box, plus one of Lomo’s Splitzer attachments that allows multiple-exposure lens obscuring wizardry. Or, in our hands, a hot mess of a wasted print.