Logitech StreamCam reimagines the web-cam for the vlogging and YouTube generation

Dare to stream
14 February 2020 / 10:40GMT

If you’re of a certain age and inclination, you don’t want a web-cam for anything as mundane as a video call. Instead, you’ll want to share your passion with the masses on YouTube. Logitech StreamCam (£139) is designed to make getting started with vlogging easy. Plug the thing in via USB-C, attach it to your display, and you can quickly start capturing silky smooth 60fps footage that doesn’t shake when you inconveniently bang the desk during an overly excitable moment. There’s auto-exposure and face-based auto-focus, so you never unintentionally go all blurry and arty either. StreamCam works in portrait too, when you’re creating content for people with an Instagram fetish, or to overlay your glorious visage on a traditional landscape shot when you get two StreamCams going at once. Fame and fortune surely await (or quietly wondering why your ‘ASMR for guinea pigs’ channel hasn’t hit the big time.)