Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 40 is an easy-to-use instant camera with retro appeal

Snap to it
07 April 2021 / 13:28BST

Fujifilm has announced its latest analog instant camera with the same mission statement as its previous instant cameras: make it as simple as possible to take and print photos with which you can decorate every inch of free wall space you have. Resembling an old-fashioned film camera with its black faux leather body and silver rails, the Instax Mini 40 (£90) definitely has vintage appeal, and launches alongside a new mini film variety that mimics the look of a classic contact film sheet. Features include an automatic exposure function that automatically senses ambient light levels as you press the shutter and adjusts shutter speed and flash output accordingly, and a selfie mode that can be activated by pulling out the front-end edge of the lens after you power the camera on. It takes the widely sold Instax Mini film, with a roll of the new Contact Sheet film costing £9. The Instax Mini 40 will be available to buy from April 21.