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These Bowers & Wilkins floorstanding speakers are designed for smaller spaces

The 702 S3 Signature range-topping loudspeaker doesn't need a huge space

B&W 700 S3 Signature

If you’re looking for a new speaker for your home, bigger usually means better. But that’s not always ideal if you’ve got a bit of a smaller space. Fortunately, this new floorstanding loudspeaker from Bowers & Wilkins is designer for tighter rooms. The 702 S3 Signature is one of the brand’s highest-quality devices, promising authentic and accurate sound.

B&W’s 702 S3 Signature is a floor-standing speaker that not only stands tall physically but also stands out for its acoustic prowess. Imagine the already exceptional 702 S3 got a superhero makeover – this is the result. There’s a Carbon Dome tweeter chilling in a swanky Tweeter-on-Top aluminium enclosure. You’ll find an added protective tweeter grille mesh for that extra oomph. The bass? It’s like being punched by a velvet glove, thanks to three 165mm Aerofoil Profile bass drivers. And with upgraded internals across the board, this speaker promises clarity that’ll make you weep tears of sonic joy.

The 705 S3 Signature standmount loudspeaker offers a more compact design without skimping on transparency or accuracy. It’s the ideal mate for those with a bit less room but an unyielding demand for quality sound.

Now, let’s talk looks because these speakers aren’t just about sound. They come in Midnight Blue Metallic or Datuk Gloss wood veneer, both with vibrant gold trims that scream “look at me!” These finishes are so exclusive, even the speakers seem to know they’re something special, sporting unique Signature logo plates that subtly whisper, “Yes, I’m that good.”

Fancy adding these speakers to your smaller living room? The 702 S3 Signature will set you back a cool $9000 (or €8500/£7000) per pair. If your pockets aren’t quite that deep, the 705 S3 Signature offers a slightly more palatable $4500 (or €4000/£3400) per pair. You’ll be able to pick them up from the brand directly, or selected retailers.

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