Take Siri for a swim with Denon’s new Envaya Bluetooth speakers

2017 range on sale just in time for Christmas
12 December 2017 / 11:36GMT

If you’re a regular scroller of this section then you’ll know it’s been a busy few months for Bluetooth speakers. You’re bound to be struggling with choosing which one to stuff in a stocking, so we thought we’d throw three more into the mix for good measure. Refreshed for 2017, Denon’s three Envaya speakers are all on sale now. You can opt for either grey or an all-black design, there’s a fabric grille for each device, and an IP67 dust and waterproof rating means you can take them pretty much anywhere. Of course, tech is no good these days if you can’t bark orders in its general direction, so iPhone owners will be glad to know that Siri’s on board here. At £169, the flagship Envaya is the priciest of the three. The more suitcase-friendly Envaya Mini costs £129, and it’s £89 for the teeny Envaya Pocket. Want more sound? You can pair two speakers together for a stereo set.