Roli Lumi is a portable keyboard that lights up your life (and its keys) as you learn to play

Piano hero
18 June 2019 / 15:25BST

When learning piano or synth back in the day, you could limit yourself to the black keys to guarantee something tuneful. No longer. Roli Lumi (£117) instead plonks an entire rainbow beneath your fingertips. This isn’t just to look pretty either – the brightest, most colourful keys ever made sync with an app packed full of fun lessons – think Guitar Hero, but for becoming the next Vince Clarke or Vangelis, rather than half of a Hendrix. Ideally suited to every level, the system initially has you follow the lights, then learn scales, and finally jam along to the hits. Before long, you’ll be snapping multiple Lumi keyboards together to expand your range, working on your next chart-topper, and saving a bundle on stage lighting, given that you’ll already have plenty under your tinkling digits. Colour us impressed.