Mobvoi updates its TicPods 2 Pro earbuds with even more features for the same price

Plus a swanky new case
07 September 2020 / 17:03BST

While Mobvoi’s TicPods 2 Pro wireless earbuds were far from perfect, nobody could fault their ambition. From head gesture controls to voice commands that didn’t require a wake word, there was plenty to write on the box, but Mobvoi has decided that its AirPods challenger needs to do even more. And so the TicPods 2 Pro+ add further features, the first of which being single pairing tech, which allows you to listen to music on just one of the buds should you wish to. The touch controls on each bud can also now be used independently, so everything you need will be mapped to the bud you’re listening to. As well as single wireless pairing, Mobvoi has added volume controls to its AI-driven Quick Commands. You can say “volume up” or “volume down” without first using a wake word or phrase. The final addition is a metal component on the TicPods’ charging case, giving it a more premium look. The TicPods 2 Pro+ are on sale now for £120, the same price as their predecessors.