Fender's budget Squier Paranormal Series revives cult classics and introduces new hybrids

Let there be rock
10 June 2020 / 12:37BST

Guitar maker Fender is shaking things up with the launch of its new Squier Paranormal Series (£349), a vibrant electric range geared towards those who want to unleash their inner Jimi Hendrix without dropping a hunk of cash on a preposterously pricey axe. The budget series comprises six hybrids and cult classics - from the slick Bass '54 to the vintage Offset Telecaster - that offer more in the looks department than that £349 price tag might suggest. Each model combines familiar specs with otherworldly design choices and "transcendental" playability, and represents a good starting point for anyone intent on beginning their journey to Glasto-headlining stardom with a Fender electric.