Devialet’s Phantom 1 adds AirPlay 2 and boosts acoustic performance

Better than the Devialet you know
02 February 2021 / 13:39GMT

Luckily for oddball French audio brand Devialet, the original Phantom Reactor 900 (confusingly renamed the Phantom II) already looked like something belonging to an idealised future utopia, that a total redesign wasn’t necessary. Instead, the new Phantom 1 (£1890) makes small changes to the aesthetics, but more substantial improvements elsewhere. Now available in either light chrome with matte black sides, or dark chrome with gold sides (for the more powerful variant). It also comes with a handy remote and some LED signals at its rear for status checking. It’s the next-gen audio processing chip which’ll peak the interests of audiophiles who’ll likely go on to read about the many patented technologies obtained by these pioneering engineers, such as Heart Bass Implosion (HBI®). We’re just as excited about the superior interface, playing nice with AirPlay 2 - offering multi-room configurations, and it’s Roon Ready for any hi-res audio forays.